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The emerald lab

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The Emerald Lab

Emerald infrastructure engineers have worked in the infrastructure maintaining space for 20+ years. During that time automation efforts have steadily increased within the government in order to reduce costs and boost productivity. Cost reduction, automation and increased productivity are current challenges that the Emerald lab environment eradicates.

The Emerald Lab solves all automation, cost reduction and environment overhead by utilizing COTS software with cloud integration to provide secure, reliable and accessible working environments to customers. Potential customers can place requests to be onboarded into the lab and within a week the customer can login to a digital storefront that has their requested virtual machines and applications.

The Emerald Lab uses Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to spin virtual machines up and down within moments notice. Uses certain Commercial Of The Shelf(COTS) software to provide front facing virtual workspaces and service desks embedded within the cloud.

Emerald Lab demos are available upon request!

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